Schools And Collages Are Opening In Gujarat From 15 July

Core Committee meeting was held yesterday in Gujarat. Due to second wave of covid pandemic schools and all the educational institute was shut down in April month. After that board exams were also cancelled by Gujarat Government due to high risk and worsen condition. Yesterday meeting was held to decide schools reopening this year. All… Read More »

How to Earn Money From YouTube in 2021

The 21st century is the audio visual era. Internet is the biggest revolution of this era. With the help of this your talent can be conveyed to the people very easily. There are many such social sites which prove to be very helpful in such skills. Slowly internet become a huge medium of information transformation.… Read More »

What is Black Fungus ? Symptoms, Treatment, Causes And Other Details

 People from all around the globe are already frightened from Corona Virus. Now the new disease called Black Fungus which is also known as Mucormycosis  scaring people in India badly. The symptoms of this life-threatening illness is started appearing in corona infected patients as well as those who have been cured of corona virus. In… Read More »