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How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For  All Whats app Applicable | FM Whats app Latest Version 2020

How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For All Whats app Applicable | FM Whats app Latest Version 2020


How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For  All Whats app Applicable | FM Latest version Whats app Download  

How to See Whats app Deleted Message | Latest Tricks For Android and ios | For  All Whats app Applicable | FM Whats app Latest Version 2020

Need To See Deleted Messages On Whats App? There is not a official   Way To Do It, Here Is How

Whats App in 2017 accompanied a Delete for Everyone highlight that empowered its clients to erase messages in the wake of sending them to a client.

The component permits Whats App clients to erase messages for themselves just as the collector on the opposite end. The component could be utilized for bunch visits too.

A "This message was erased" notice shows up at whatever point clients erase content, sound or video from their talk. Be that as it may, now and again, for ioS clients photographs and recordings get spared in the photo gallery. Presently, there is an application that can let clients see the erased message.

An outsider workaround called Whats Removed+ can enable clients to recover what was erased. Be that as it may, this application isn't formally upheld by Whats App ought to be utilized with alert. In addition, it can get to clients information since that is the means by which it peruses Whats App messages, by really checking notices and the substance appeared in those notices. That is another motivation to utilize it carefully.

Here is the manner by which you can see the erased Whats App messages:- - Download and introduce Whats Removed+ from Google Play Store. 

- Open Whats Removed+ and permit authorizations once you have understood them.

- Whats Removed+ will ask you which applications would you need to give it access to.

- There will be a rundown of applications which will show up on your window.

- From the rundown, select the applications to which you need to give get to including Whats App.

- Tap Yes, Save records and Click on Allow.

- Most of the time, pictures and recordings are recoverable. In any case, If the picture isn't downloaded, it isn't recoverable. Be that as it may, downloaded messages can be recouped.

- Now, every warning got and other informing applications can be gotten to by utilizing Whats Removed+ application on your telephone.

- To get to Whats App, clients must open the Whats Removed+ application and use Whats App from the rundown of the applications they have picked.

- The application recognizes an adjustment in the notices and will likewise advise you to mention to you what has occurred. The clients must note that the application just spares notices from the applications the client has physically chosen.

Whats App clients must note that there is no such application accessible for iOS and iPhone. The drawback of this application is that your protection will be in question. This is on the grounds that every one of your subtleties including OTP and bank balance subtleties will be presented to an outsider application. Thus, seeing erased messages will cost you your protection, as it were.

Whats Removed, this current workaround's forerunner, turned out in 2018. It guarantees that its point is to recover messages that were erased unintentionally by the client.

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With 1.6 billion dynamic clients, there is no re-thinking that Whats App is the most preferred informing application on the planet at this moment. Back in the year 2017, the Facebook claimed organization empowered an element that permitted individuals to totally erase their own messages, photographs and recordings from a Whats App visit. When these messages were erased there was no returning, nobody including you could get to the erased message, photograph or video. Notwithstanding, there is a system you can follow to see those erased messages.

There's constantly a heavy cost to pay while getting to Whats app highlights that are not authoritatively upheld. On the off chance that you are anticipating following this guide, it would be ideal if you note down that every one of your notices including OTPs and bank balance subtleties will be presented to an outsider application. If it's not too much trouble proceed at your own hazard as we can't guarantee your information won't be made open by the outsider. Just if the messages erased by you or another person hold an incredible significance, we propose you continue with extraordinary alert.

How to see erased Whats app messages? 

Normally when you erase a Whats app message, it shows 'This message was erased'. These means will assist you with seeing those erased messages. There is no such workaround for iPhone yet on the off chance that you possess an Android cell phone, you can follow the underneath referenced advances.

Stage 1: From Google Play, download and introduce Whats Removed+ on your cell phone.

Stage 2: Once it is downloaded and introduced, award the application all the consents it is requesting.

Stage 3: After giving all the consents, return to the application and here you will be approached to choose the application/applications you need to get to all the erased information from. From the rundown that ranges beneath, select Whats App and hit straightaway.

Stage 4: On the screen tap indeed, at that point tap on spare records and hit permit. This will wrap setting up the application and it will be prepared for your utilization.

Stage 5: From here on each notice you get from the application/applications that you have chosen will be shown on Whats Removed+. You should simply open the application and snap on the top bar and select Whats App.

This workaround lets you sidestep Whats App's 'This message was erased' (REUTERS)

We regularly wind up erasing messages that we send to wrong contacts or gatherings. The Delete for Everyone include in Whats App guarantees both you and your contacts will never again have the option to see the erased messages.

There is anyway a workaround that empowers you to see the erased messages on Whats App. Yet, to gain admittance to it, you should pay.

See erased messages on Whats App and other informing applications .

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What is Black Fungus ?  Symptoms, Treatment, Causes And Other Details

What is Black Fungus ? Symptoms, Treatment, Causes And Other Details

 People from all around the globe are already frightened from Corona Virus. Now the new disease called Black Fungus which is also known as Mucormycosis  scaring people in India badly. The symptoms of this life-threatening illness is started appearing in corona infected patients as well as those who have been cured of corona virus. In this article we will talk about this dangerous disease and let you know about precautions also.

What is Black Fungus ( Mucormycosis) ?

This is a very rare infectious disease caused by Mucor fungus. It mainly builds itself in soil, manure, plants, rotten fruits and vegetables. As per experts they are everywhere, even in the nose and mucus of a healthy person. Many Doctors and experts believe that in patients who have been infected with the corona virus or have recovered, the immunity system becomes very weak and that is why the infection of black fungus disease has started infecting such people.

Whom is Black Fungus Infecting ?

Within the last few days this disease is happening to those who have been infected with corona virus or patients who have recovered from corona virus disease. Doctors are saying that this disease has become more active in the second wave of corona virus and number of infections also increasing gradually. People who had any disease earlier or whose immunity system is weak are getting infected by this disease very rapidly. People are losing their eyesight due to this disease and in some serious patients nose and jaws had to be removed from the body of the patients to cure it.

What are the symptoms of Black Fungus Infection ?

The infected people with Black Fungus disease starts having the problem of sinusitis and many more symptoms start appearing inside the body of patients. Some of the major symptoms of this disease are as follows.

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Bleeding inside the nose
  • Jaw pain
  • Numbness in half the face or the whole face 
  • Swelling on half or all over the face 
  • Toothache
  • Tooth loss
  • Having a fever
  • Skin rash
  • Gradual loss of vision
  • Chest pain
  • Having trouble in breathing

Black Fungus Infection Treatment 

If you are seeing some symptoms of black fungus or mucormycosis disease then by consulting the doctor this disease can be controlled through antifungal therapy and to a large extent the patients of this disease are also cured. But most of the people who have come in contact with this disease are losing their lives. Many big experts believe that 50 percent of those who are coming in contact with this disease are dying and the remaining 50 percent are recovering at present time.

ICMR Advisory on Black Fungus Disease 

Indian Council of Medical Research issued an advisory regarding some other precautions to avoid black fungus disease which is as given below:

Important Things to keep in mind after Corona Recovery

  • If you have diabetes then you are at greater risk of black fungus. So you should keep your blood sugar under control to be at safer side.
  • If you have been corona positive and you have made a recovery and if you have diabetes then after full recovery you must keep checking and tracking the glucose level regularly.
  • If you have been prescribed steroids by your doctor then it is very important that you take it at the right time and in addition to this be very careful about the dosage and the duration of taking it.
  • While doing oxygen therapy you have to use clean water.
  • You must take important precautions while using antibiotics and antifungals.

Important Precautions for preventions of Black Fungus Disease

  • Use a mask before going to a highly dusty place.
  • Use shoes while in the fields and when gardening and completely cover the hands and feet and if possible use gloves.
  • Keep bathing daily and keep cleaning the house and all the things you use.

Black Fungus Infection Epidemic In India 

In India already corona epidemic had frightened people. Now Black fungus infection is spreading very fast in different areas of Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana. Many state's government had already declared this disease as an Epidemic.

What is Black Fungus ?  Symptoms, Treatment, Causes And Other Details

Standard 12 exam dates declared in Gujarat

Standard 12 exam dates declared in Gujarat

 Two days ago high committee meeting was held to discuss about CBSE exam dates of standard 12. Many states have taken decision on that. Today Gujarat government also announced exam dates of standard 12.

Key Points by Education Minister

  • Gujarat Board may conduct HSC board exam from 1 July.
  • Exam will be of 3 hours as per the existing system.
  • "There will be 20 students in each exam hall" said Bhupendrasinh Chudasama 
  • Exam centers and exam halls will be increased.
  • Management will be done such that student would get exam center near his or her home.
  • If any student remain absent due to corona then he will be given opportunity after 25 days.
  • Exam will be conducted by strictly following SOP.
  • In science stream exam will be consist of 50 marks MCQ and 50 mark descriptive mode
  • In commerce and arts stream exam will be of 100 marks 
  • Social distancing will be  maintained. Thermal gun, Sanitizer and mask etc facility will be provided at center.
Yesterday CBSE conducted a meeting between education ministers of all states through video conference. They discussed different points on how to conduct Std 12 exams and also about competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Government reviewed  preparation of different states to conduct HSC board exams. CBSE also discussed two options of HSC board exams. After meeting Gujarat education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that students health is also important as much as their career. Exams will be conducted by strictly following guidelines of COVID-19.
You can read more about meeting held on 23/05/2021 below:

GSEB 12th Board Exam Dates 2021
Earlier HSC board exams had scheduled in first week of May. But due to ongoing pandemic Exams were postponed in many states. Gujarat government had already given mass promotion to SSC regular students. After mass promotion to std 10 students many HSC students also demanded mass promotion. Nearly 12 lakh students was expected to give board exam this year. Government has not taken any decision on Std 10 repeater students. Around 3 lakh repeater students are demanding mass promotion.
The central government asked all states to submit their decision on class 12 exams by today. Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, GSEB has announced that Class 12 exams is going to commence from 1st July. Detailed subject wise exam time table will be announced shortly. 

How will exam be conducted ?

Committee has taken important decision today under the guidance of CM Vijay Rupani. Around 6.83 lakh students of class 12 will be going appear for board exams in gujarat which will commence from 1 july. Exam will be conducted by strictly following S.O.P. of Covid.

What is the Exam Pattern for class 12 board students ?

In science stream the exam pattern is same as usual. There will be 50 Mark MCQ in part -1 and 50 mark descriptive questions in part-2. Exam will be of 3 hours. In Commerce and Art stream descriptive exam of 100 marks will be taken as per existing system.

How does students assign exam center ?

Number of exam centers will be increased so that students would not require to go to long distance to give exam in pandemic time. Students will get nearby exam centers according to news. In each hall only 20 students are allowed to sit.

Will Std 10 repeater students be given mass promotion ?

Gujarat board had already taken decision on SSC regular students. Today they have also announced exam dates of Class 12 Students. But yet no any decision has been taken about repeater students of class 10. As per sources the final decision about repeater students will be taken very soon.

What Will happen if student get infected by Covid during exam time ?

Education minister clearly stated that if one got infected by corona then such students will be able to give exam after 25 days. The exam of such absent students will be of new exam papers and new timing.

Standard 12 exam dates declared in Gujarat

Twitter and Facebook is going to stop operating in India from 26 may 2021

Twitter and Facebook is going to stop operating in India from 26 may 2021

 The New rules which government issued will come into effect  from may,26

        Biggest social media platforms Facebook and Twitter were meant to comply with new legal rules which were issued by the government three months ago. The deadline is ending on Tuesday 26, may.

         As stated by top social media sources, social media platforms like Facebook and twitter were stand in need of to abide by rules notified in the gazette of India on 25 February under intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code rules ,2021 have failed  on many account till now.

       In any case if social media companies do not obey the rules, they may loose their status and protection and many companies will come under liable criminal action as per the existing laws of India

       As per the new rules announced by the ministry of electronic and information technology. the social media platforms will have to appoint compliance offer from India. The officer will overlook the the complaints. the content which are objectionable will remove immediately. this rules are not meant only for social media but also all OTT platforms.

Twitter and Facebook is going to stop operating in India from 26 may 2021


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Mass promotion given to All University Students in Gujarat

Mass promotion given to All University Students in Gujarat

Due to Covid  Pandemic many boards have cancelled their exams. In Gujarat also mass promotion had been given to Std 10 regular students. But no news has still come about std 10 repeater students. After that many parents and undergraduate students also demanded mass promotion and to cancel out their exams. 

Important News for UG Students 

  • Important decision by Gujarat Government
  • Merit base progression to all Under graduate students except  Medical and Para medical Students
  • Second, Fourth and Six Semester students will get benefit 
  • Evaluation will be done based on 50 % internal marks and 50 % previous semester results
  • Note: Government has taken decision only for UG students , No any news about PG  students
CM Rupani government has announced today that all students of private and government collages of gujarat state except final year students has been given merit based progression. 9.50 lakhs students across state will be benified by this decision. Students from different universities of second, fourth and six semester will be given mass promotion. But no  mass promotion is given to medical and paramedical students yet.

GTU students and VNSGU students demanded cancellation of exam due to high surge in cases in Gujarat. Government was waiting for vaccination process. But Vaccination also taking time due to not availability of sufficient amount of Vaccine. Hence high power committee meeting is held today under the presence of CM Vijay Rupani. In this meeting decision of mass promotion to under graduate students only for this year is taken considering ongoing pandemic.

How will result made for Under graduate students ?

Result will be prepared considering 50% marks based on Internal Assessment and Another 50% marks based on previous semester results. In some universities Practical exam had been taken. In such cases marks of practical exams will be considered. 

Education minister of Gujarat honorable Shree Bhupendra Singh Chudasama has said that currently vaccination process is running for 18 to 44 aged group people. But due to shortage of vaccine process is taking more time from schedule time. Due to which mass promotion is the only solution for this year. 
Earlier GSEB also taken decision to give merit base progression to SSC students. CBSE board and many state board also cancelled their exams seeing dangerous ongoing epidemic. Standard 12 students are waiting for decision. Their exams were scheduled in first week of May which was delayed due to pandemics. New revised dates has not been revealed yet.

You can read Official press here below : 

Will Medical and Paramedical students be given mass promotion ?

Currently merit based progression is given to intermediate students of all universities including Gujarat Technological University ( GTU ), Veer Narmad South Gujarat University ( VNSGU ) of second fourth and six semester. No decision is taken on Medical and paramedical students yet. After reviewing condition in the end of may month their exam may be conducted. Otherwise if situation become more dangerous then mass promotion would be also given to them.

The Gujarat CMO tweeted on official account that ," In a major relief for over 9.50 lakh undergraduate college students, CM Shri 
 decides to grant Merit Based Progression to the 2nd, 4th & 6th semester students, other than medial-para medical courses, of all the Govt and Pvt colleges/universities of the State."

Why does Online Exam not possible for university students ?

Offline exam is not possible for 9.5 lakh students looking at current scenario. However online exam is also not possible due to large number of students. There are also electricity problem reported in many villages due Taukte storm. How would village students arrange laptop and smartphone for online exam is bigger problem. There are also internet issue that create problem for online exam.

Will Students get refund of exam fees ?

Mostly all universities in gujarat has collected exam fees and forms. Now exam has been cancelled. So exam fees must be refunded. Last year also exam fees get refunded. Lets see what happens this year.

What is the difference between Mass promotion and Merit based progression ?

In mass promotion students are promoted to upper class without any exam. However in Merit Based Progression students are promoted in next semester based on previous semester marks.

Mass promotion given to All University Students in Gujarat

10 Best Proven Ways To Earn Money From Home in Covid-19 Crisis

10 Best Proven Ways To Earn Money From Home in Covid-19 Crisis

Current Covid-19 Pandemic affecting offline business very badly. Everyone is finding the online ways of earning money. There are lots of opportunities to earn money by working at home in 2021. In Fact many are making decent amount by doing online work from home.  Here I am going to share 10 Ways to Earn Money Online which will definitely help you in current pandemic time.
How can earn money from home ?
There had been a time when people used to go to a place where they got job to earn money. Now the situation is changed drastically after 2015 due to free or very affordable price of data.
You need not to go a definite place to earn money now days. There are many benefits of working from home. Lets explore what should you do to earn money from home.

10 Best Proven Ways To Earn Money From Home in Covid-19 Crisis

Benefits of Working Online Compare to Offline

  • You need not to go anywhere so travelling time and other expenses are reduced.
  • You can work by setting your own suitable time. So, there is no any hectic schedule that you must follow.
  • There is no any work load on you so you can work without any mental stress.

Let's explore 10 Best Ways To Earn Money Online In 2021

1. Content Writing 

Content writing is one of the best ways to earn money by sitting at home. In Content writing you have to write a content in a one specific language in which you are comfortable. If you have a good writing skill then you can earn money by sitting at home.

There are many people who earning around 40-50 thousands per month by Content Writing Job. There are many websites which provides content writing jobs like and . You can start earning by making an account on these websites.

2. Data Entry Jobs 
Data entry is also one of the best ways to earn money online. If you have a good typing speed then you can apply for this job. In this job company provide you data online. You have to type this data in MS Excel or MS Word and have to send the company. You can get data entry jobs on many websites like and . If you have a basic computer knowledge and good typing speed then you should apply for Data Entry Job

3. Freelancing 
Freelancing is popular way to earn money online. If a person have some skill and he utilizes those skills for another person by charging some amount then it is called Freelancing. Freelancing jobs are available on,,, etc sites. You can earn 5 $ to 100 $ per hour according to your skills. You can make account on those sites and by making your profile you can start earning. People from globe will see your profile and will approach you by seeing you skills which you have mentioned in profile. Remember those sites will pay you only after getting permission from customer. So after completing given work customer will give rating to freelancer and then website will pay you.

4. By Making Website
Many Bloggers are earning decent amount of money by making own website. Blogging is one of the fastest emerging field and it has very high scope in future also.  For making website you should have knowledge of programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, PHP etc. You must master in coding to make career in this field. If you are not from Computer and IT background and have not knowledge of coding then don't worry at all. There are mainly two popular  platforms and Wordpress  where you can make website. After making website you have to select your Niche on which you want to publish content. By publishing content you can earn money through google adsense.

5. Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing field. It has a very large network and has a very high potential to earn a lots of money. Affiliate marketing means to get sold company's product. To do this you must have your own website or blog. You have to write about company's product in your website and add link of that product in your blog. When visitors buy products from your site then that company will pay you money.

6.Online Tutoring
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7.Web Designing

The demand of web designing is increasing drastically. Many people are in search of Web Designers for making their websites. For Website Developement both coding and web design knowledge is required. For Website management and update also Web designers are required. As a Web Designer You can earn 20,000 thousands to 1 lakh sitting at home.
No Mass Promotion to Std 12 GSEB Students, Exam will be conducted shortly, What to do now ?

No Mass Promotion to Std 12 GSEB Students, Exam will be conducted shortly, What to do now ?

 No Mass Promotion to Std 12 GSEB Students, Exam will be conducted shortly

Finally CM of Gujarat announced today that there will be no mass promotion for std 12 students. Vijay Rupani said in statement that exam of class 12 boards students will be going to held after situation becomes safe.

Two days ago due to surge in cases in gujarat , mass promotion had given to std 10 regular students. But no clarity issued on std 10 repeater students. There have been around 3 lakhs repeater students reported for 2021 session. 

After mass promotion to std 10 students there was high anxiety among students and parents as well as teachers that what will happen to std 12 students ? There are around 3 lakhs students from science, commerce and art stream reported for this session. Std 12 board exam which was supposed to start from first week of may has been postponed due to rising cases of Covid in Gujarat. Government has announced that decision would be taken on  15 may after examine condition. Many students and parents demanded that there should be also mass promotion to std 12 students looking their health in priority.

No Mass Promotion to Std 12 GSEB Students, Exam will be conducted shortly

When will Exam of Std 12 be Conducted ?

Gujarat Government has clearly said that there will be no mass promotion to std 12 students. Government will make a committee which will examine the condition of corona cases and then after new revised dates of GSEB std 12 exams will be announced. The new exam dates is supposed to be announced in first week of June.

Why Mass Promotion has not given to Std 12 Students ?

There are many points which could be consider while giving mass promotion. There are around 2 lakhs students who opted for science stream. After completing std 12 their collage and branch selection depend upon their performance in Std 12 board result and competitive exams like Gujcet, Jee, NEET etc. If mass promotion were given to all students then how will their merit prepared ? 

Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) had also cancelled std 10 board exams. But they are also going to conduct exam of std 12 students. There are many  challanges in front of Gujarat Government. There are around 79 thousands registered for std 10 students this year. How government will allocate them stream in class 11 is biggest problem.

What Should students do now ?

Now it's clear that Gujarat government is not in favour of giving mass promotion. Now students should demand MCQ based exam for class 12 students. Students should also demand that government must announce revised dates as early as possible. Bacause due to uncertainity of exam dates students are not able to focus on future goals. Maximum number of students should participate on twitter for that so that students voice will reach to authority. 

Why Gujarat Government not declaring revised dates of exam ?

As per experts opinion Gujarat government will declare dates of exam after Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) would take decision on this issue. So students have to wait CBSE's statement which take around half month of time.
Mass Promotion  to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat | So What About Repeater Students ?

Mass Promotion to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat | So What About Repeater Students ?

Mass Promotion  to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat

Gujarat government has finally decided to give mass promotion to std 10 regular students. Due to ongoing pandemic and high surge in cases in Gujarat GSEB had postponed board exams of std 10 & 12 which had to schedule in first week of May. Gujarat government said earlier that they will examine condition on 15 may and then after they will take decision. But many parents and students from all over gujarat have demanded mass promotion due to high risk. 

Parents association also appealed in high court to cancel board exam.

Today a brief meeting was held in the present of CM of Gujarat Vijay Bhai Rupani. In the meeting they have decided to cancel board exams of std 10 board considering health of students in priority.

Very surprising fact is that no decision has been taken about repeater students of std 10. Would they get mass promotion or will their exam be conducted in later stage is big question. No clarity has been given on that. They have also not taken any decision about std 12 board students. so there are very confusion among std 10 repeater students. Coincidentally very large number of students have been registered for 2021 session.

Probably the decision on std 12 and repeater students will be come out on 15 may as they said earlier.

The results of regular students will be prepared based on unit test probably. The decision will come shortly by Gujarat board on that.

Vaccination process has begun in gujarat. But there has been shortage of vaccine reported in many district. So students are not getting first doze of vaccine till now. By considering all this points mass promotion has been given to regular students.

What are the problems students have to face after mass promotion ?

Many educational experts are opposing government's decision of mass promotion. Due to this decision of board there is need of increasing around 200 classes in 650 schools in Surat City. Students of this session have not faced board exam so when they enter in class 12 they lack experience of board exams so they may feel difficulty. Many students choose generally ITI and Diploma courses after SSC. Now due to no exam how their merit will be prepared is bigger question among Committee. In Gujarat there are rules of passing students from class 1 to 8. Their real evaluation is done in std 10. But this time it's also not possible. So basics of many students are weak which will eventually affect them in higher standard and higher study.

Which stream students have to choose in standard 11 ?

Earlier parents and students used to decide their streams according to their percentage in standard 10. Now this time they may face difficulty to choose stream. Experts are suggesting that one should examine past three years results and as per area of interest they should choose stream. 

Will exam fees be refunded ?
Government will take decision soon on this matter. Probably there are high chances of getting refund. But how this refund will done is not clear yet.

Will repeater students get mass promotion ?

By seeing current situation exam of repeater students is likely to be held after situation becomes stable. Although government has not taken any decision yet, Exams will be held probably after ending of may.

How would admission be given to Students in standard 11 ?

If government would not issue any guidelines then some schools may give admission based on results of first and second exam. School will give priority to their own students first. After that if seat remains vacant they will give admission to other school students. 

How will marksheet be prepared ?

There is no clear guideline about this till now. If mass promotion would be given in entire country then there will be no problem but students may face problem while taking admission in foreign universities.