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Mass Promotion to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat | So What About Repeater Students ?

Mass Promotion to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat | So What About Repeater Students ?

Mass Promotion  to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat | So What About Repeater Students ?
Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mass Promotion  to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat

Gujarat government has finally decided to give mass promotion to std 10 regular students. Due to ongoing pandemic and high surge in cases in Gujarat GSEB had postponed board exams of std 10 & 12 which had to schedule in first week of May. Gujarat government said earlier that they will examine condition on 15 may and then after they will take decision. But many parents and students from all over gujarat have demanded mass promotion due to high risk. 

Parents association also appealed in high court to cancel board exam.

Today a brief meeting was held in the present of CM of Gujarat Vijay Bhai Rupani. In the meeting they have decided to cancel board exams of std 10 board considering health of students in priority.

Very surprising fact is that no decision has been taken about repeater students of std 10. Would they get mass promotion or will their exam be conducted in later stage is big question. No clarity has been given on that. They have also not taken any decision about std 12 board students. so there are very confusion among std 10 repeater students. Coincidentally very large number of students have been registered for 2021 session.

Probably the decision on std 12 and repeater students will be come out on 15 may as they said earlier.

The results of regular students will be prepared based on unit test probably. The decision will come shortly by Gujarat board on that.

Vaccination process has begun in gujarat. But there has been shortage of vaccine reported in many district. So students are not getting first doze of vaccine till now. By considering all this points mass promotion has been given to regular students.

What are the problems students have to face after mass promotion ?

Many educational experts are opposing government's decision of mass promotion. Due to this decision of board there is need of increasing around 200 classes in 650 schools in Surat City. Students of this session have not faced board exam so when they enter in class 12 they lack experience of board exams so they may feel difficulty. Many students choose generally ITI and Diploma courses after SSC. Now due to no exam how their merit will be prepared is bigger question among Committee. In Gujarat there are rules of passing students from class 1 to 8. Their real evaluation is done in std 10. But this time it's also not possible. So basics of many students are weak which will eventually affect them in higher standard and higher study.

Which stream students have to choose in standard 11 ?

Earlier parents and students used to decide their streams according to their percentage in standard 10. Now this time they may face difficulty to choose stream. Experts are suggesting that one should examine past three years results and as per area of interest they should choose stream. 

Will exam fees be refunded ?
Government will take decision soon on this matter. Probably there are high chances of getting refund. But how this refund will done is not clear yet.

Will repeater students get mass promotion ?

By seeing current situation exam of repeater students is likely to be held after situation becomes stable. Although government has not taken any decision yet, Exams will be held probably after ending of may.

How would admission be given to Students in standard 11 ?

If government would not issue any guidelines then some schools may give admission based on results of first and second exam. School will give priority to their own students first. After that if seat remains vacant they will give admission to other school students. 

How will marksheet be prepared ?

There is no clear guideline about this till now. If mass promotion would be given in entire country then there will be no problem but students may face problem while taking admission in foreign universities.

Mass Promotion to Std 10 Board Regular Students in Gujarat | So What About Repeater Students ?
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